The Beginning: Distributist Start – Richard Aleman, The Distributist Review

Building a Distributist & Catholic Economy through Cooperatives – Jared D. Combista, VP

St. George & the Power of Purpose, Praying Through Art – Fr. John Bartunek, CSD

Non-Negotiable Political (& Catholic) TV Pgrm to Debut In 2012 – Dave Hartline, TAC

US: Victory for Rights of Catholic Organizations – Patrick J. Reilly, Crisis Magazine

Grad. Student’s Lawsuit against College: School Policy Vs. Religious Beliefs – J.R. Miller, FN

The Egyptian Military’s Crimes Against Humanity – Raymond Ibrahim, Hudson New York

It’s Time to Nix ‘Sectarian’ in Egyptian Reports – Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

Egypt’s Copts See Power Vacuum Allowing Oppression – Tom Heneghan, Reuters

The End of Polish Exceptionalism – Matthew Cantirino, First Things/First Thoughts

Abortion, Divorce & “Same-Sex Marriage”: No Blood, No Foul? – Stephen J. Heaney, PD

Catholic Revert: Tim Ohmes – Why I’m Catholic

Catholic World Report, HPR to Cease Print Publication – Fr. Joseph Fessio SJ, Ignts Prss

Ten Traits of a Great Teacher – Theresa Thomas, Integrated Catholic Life™

Anonymous No More: Child of Sperm Donor Speaks Out – Christopher White, Daily Rgstr

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