Why is Sunday the Christian Sabbath? (John Paul II) – Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

How To Kill Yourself – Marc Barnes,

The ‘Gay Rights’ Community’s Jihad Against Rick Santorum – Lisa Graas, The Amrcn Cthlc

St. Giles: A Singularly Beneficent Power in a Period without Orthodox Medicine – Cth Hrld

What Good Is Prayer? The Example of St. Monica – Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, Nw Thlgcl Mvmnt

Marriage & Justice – Matthew Hanley, The Catholic Thing

The Catholic Church and Sacred Scripture – Brent Stubbs, Almost Not Catholic

Faith From the Hearth – Gerald Russello, The Daily Register

Another Planned Parenthood Manager Quits & Turns Pro-Life – Thaddeus Baklinski, LSN

In Seeking Wisdom, Find Someone Who Has Suffered – Msgr. Charles Pope, Archd of Wash

Creating a Catholic Ghetto – Christopher T. Haley, First Things/On the Square

Seriously? Vanderbilt Univ. to Observe Wiccan & Pagan Holidays – John White, Cthlc Vt

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