England Riots: A Postmodern Failure – Rebekah Hebbert, MercatorNet

Remembering Maximilian Kolbe, Executed 70 Years Ago Today – Brad Birzer, Cth Vote

Dear CBS: Jesus Is Not a Serial Killer – Brent Bozell, NewsBusters

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The Pope and His Brother Enjoy Anniversary Concert – Radio

NCReporter Implies Men Who Obey Church Teachings are Sick in the Head – Fr. Z

While On Others Thou Art Calling, Do not Pass Me By! – Msgr. Charles Pope, AOW

The Apostles Sprinkled Salt Upon the Nations – Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Peter Kreeft Answers the Question: What is Love? – Patrick Madrid

Behind the Scenes: How Vatican Dealt with Dissenting Bishop – Andrea Tornielli, La Stmp

The Mental State of a Medjugorje Seer – Louis Bélanger, Medjupedia

Tough Questions About Predestination, Free Will, Evil & Hell – Joe Heschmeyer, SP

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