Heartbreak and Hunger in Somalia – Marry DeTurris Poust, Our Sunday Visitor

 . . . Famine in Somalia spreads to three more areas . . .

Kenyan Bishops Launch Emergency Fund to Assist in Famine – Agenzia Fides

African Famine: Inhuman to Remain Indifferent –’Osservatore Romano

The Archbishop Who Organized Two WYD’s – Andrés Beltramo Álvarez, La Stampa

 . . . World Youth Day Madrid: A Day That Will Make History . . .

Let’s Pimp the Popemobile! – Matthew Archbold, National Catholic Register

Never Give Up! Keep Praying & Working for Souls! – Msgr. Charles Pope, AOW

Cardinal Burke: Today’s Society Morality Has Ceased to Exist – J.H. Westen, LSN

Sorry, Mr. Weigel, You’re Wrong About Ireland – William Oddie, Catholic Herald

A Tale of Two Irelands – Joseph Pearce, Ink Desk

The Liturgical Impact of Homosexuality in the Priesthood – Louie Verrecchio, CNA

 . . . Mundabor comments here . . .

“Christian Terrorism”? – Raymond Ibrahim, Catholic Lane

Poll: Americans Oppose Requiring Contraception Coverage 46%-39% – T. Peters, CV

Dr. Thomas Pink Weighs in on the Tradtitionalist Debate – David Werling, Ars Orandi

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