Why JP2 Did Not Become an “Instant Saint” – Andrea Tornielli, La Stampa/Vatican Insider

Cali. Referendum Launched to Halt Mandatory “Gay History” Law – Kathleen Gilbert, LSN

Oral Contraception Negatively Impacts Healthy Bone Growth of Teenage Girls – HLI Amrc

Nun Honored for Civil War Service, 1910 A.D. – Pat McNamara

The Modal Connection: Gregorian & S.E.P. – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

N.Y.T.’s Goodstein Poor Reporting on Priestesses – TheMediaReport.com

Phila. Archd. Fires Finance Officer Over Missing Money – Joseph Tanfani, Phila. Inquirer

“My Fertility Crisis”, When Natural Becomes Counter-Cultural – Doctor Stacy Trasancos

Why Logic Doesn’t Always Work – Stanley D. Williams Ph.D., Catholic Lane

Indonesia: Prospect of ‘Mass Persecution’ of Christians in Bogor – CatholicCulture.org

When Will Black America Wake Up & Stop the Carnage? – Jerome Hudson, Human Events

Misunderstanding (Yester)Day – David Mills, First Things/First Thoughts

Friends Don’t Let Sociologists Do Theology– Mark Shea, National Catholic Register

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