Norway Killer is a Freemason (Anders Breivik) – Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

 . . . Pope Benedict: Abandon hate . . . Norway’s Apostolic Nuncio: Sheer Madness . . . 

 . . . Bishop Farrell: A tragedy . . . Elizabeth Scalia: Mass Murderer . . .

World Youth Day 2011, The Countdown Has Begun – Luca Rolandi, La Stampa

For Holy See, Medjugorje is Tormenting Dilemma (Vittorio Messori) – L. Bélanger

The New Paganism – Doctor Peter Kreeft, The Integrated Catholic Life™

Quæritur: Catholics & “Secret Societies” & Group Blogs of Anonymous Bloggers – Fr. Z

Could Cardinal Ortega y Alamino Usher in a New Cuba? – Mark I. Pinsky, USA Today

 . . . Andrés Beltramo Álvarez: adios to the bishop who challenged the regime . . .

Spanish Civil War: 75 Years Later – Victor Gaetan, The Daily Register

A Commentary on the First Spiritual Truth of Courage, the Catholic Apostolate – Graas

Pope Benedict XVI Offers Suggestions for Vacation – Radio

You Can Have All This World, Just Give Me Jesus – Monsignor Charles Pope, A.O.W.

Pope Leo XIII and the Holy Rosary – Brent Stubbs, Almost Not Catholic

The Authority of Parents & Guardians in the Education of their Children – C.C.R.L.

Catholics and Cussing – Donald R. McClarey

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