Abp. Charles Chaput Takes the Helm in Philadelphia – Thomas L. McDonald, The Dly Rgstr

 . . .Thomas Peters comments here. . .Rocco Palmo writes here. . .

Christendom College Founder Warren Carroll Dies – Joseph Pronechen, The Daily Rgstr

Dr. Warren Carroll, Founder of Christendom College, Died Sunday – Cardinal Nwmn Scty

Interview with Brandon Vogt, author of “Church & New Media” – Craig Berry, Cth Tch Tlk

Clash between Vatican and U.N. over Gender Identity – Lisa Graas

The Role of Converts in the Catholic Church: The Prodigal Son – Brent Stubbs

Christians and the Economy – Kevin O’Brien, The Distributist Review

Are Romance Novels Pro-Marriage? – Carolyn Moynihan, Crisis Magazine

Same-Sex Marriage and Surprises for Liberals – Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing

Oxford Defines “Mother” as One Who Has “Given Birth”? – Doctor Stacy Transancos

Who are the Real Fundamentalists? – Gudrun Kugler, MercatorNet

Matthew Brady, Father Thomas H. Mooney, Dagger John & the Fighting 69th – D. R. M.

New ‘Dr. Death’ Admits to Assisting the Deaths of 300 in U.S. – Thaddeus Baklinski, C. L.

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