Why Gay Marriage is Straight Business – Doctor Jeff Mirus,

Moral Revolutions in America – George Weigel, Crisis Magazine

Is Unconditional Love Realistic for Marriage? – Anthony Buono, Catholic Exchange

Speaking of the Liturgy. . . – Tantamergo, Dallas Catholics

The Story of My Abortion. . . – Infinite Grace, Postabortion Journey

The Tablet Equates Striking the Breast During the Confiteor with Child Abuse – Fr. Z

Shakespeare: Closet Catholic? – Joan Frawley Desmond, The Daily Register

Red Skelton, Abraham Lincoln and One Nation Under God – Donald R. McClarey

U.S.: Shrine of Our Lady Near Green Bay Sees Attendance Soar – Alex Morrell, G. B. P. G.

Godlessness Has Doomed Britain – Shmuley Boteach, The Jerusalem Post

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