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Multiplication of Loaves: It Wasn’t Sharing, It Was a Miracle – Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, NTM

The Virtues of the City – Randall Smith, The Catholic Thing

The Virtue of Fairness – Dr. Donald DeMarco, The Integrated Catholic Life™

Evil and the Empty Soul (Anders Breivik) – Carl E. Olson, Ignatius Insight Scoop

Mexico: Bp. Raul Vera Lopez’ Pro-Homosexual Sex Agenda – Dylan Parry, A Rlctnt Snnr

Unlike Art, Icons are to be Adored – Christopher Howse, The Daily Telegraph

Not Wearing “Clericals” – Mundabor’s Blog

Does Original Sin = Guilty Babies? – Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

What the Catholic Church Teaches on Evangelization – Maurice Blumberg, Catholic Lane

Absence of Faith – Father Simon Henry, Offerimus Tibi Domine

Toronto Police Cover Up of Pro-Life Arrest – Patrick B. Craine,

Orthodox Church Introduces the “Orthodox” Dress Code – Marco Tosatti, La Stampa

 . . . 49 Russian Orthodox Parishes in Italy . . .

The Yankee invasion of British English – Anthony S. Layne, Outside the Asylum


Erin Go Bonkers – George Weigel

 . . . Fr. Tim Finigan: How should we respond to threats from the State . . .

 . . . Fr. Robert J. Araujo: Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis . . . 

 . . . The Daily Telegraph: Vatican Accuses Kenny of Duplicity . . .

 . . . La Stampa: The great war between Ireland and the Vatican . . .

 . . . La Stampa: To postpone the Eucharistic Congress or not to postpone it? . . .

Archd. of Miami: How a Cthlc Group Beat the Homosexual Superculture – D. Parry, ARS

 . . . Mundabor’s Blog: “Miami Vice” . . .

4,000 Families Threaten to Exit Toronto Cthlc Schools Over Gay Policy – P. Craine, LSN

 . . . LSN: Vatican investigating Mexican bishop for supporting homosexualists . . .

 . . . LSN: G-town Univ. Board Member Funneled Millions to Pro-Gay Cause . . .

The Four Sections of Hell (St. Thomas Aquinas) – Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Breivik & the Echo-Chamber of the Trolls – Dm Thompson, The Daily Telegraph

Communist China’s Only Trappist Monastery – Rich. Collins, Guild of Bl. Titus Brandsma

Saving the University of Notre Dame’s Soul – Kathryn Jean Lopez, The Daily Register

Does God Want More Welfare & Debt? – Thomas Peters, Catholic Vote/American Papist

Confessional Seal: A Matter of Divine, Not Merely Human, Law – Fr. Tim Finigan, THOC

My Trip to Whole Foods: An Epic Saga – Jennifer Fulwiler, National Catholic Register

Jesus, the Temple and the Endtimes – Dr. Edward Sri, The Integrated Catholic Life™

Elephant in the Room: Breastfeeding & NFP – Annie Elizabeth, Defénde nos in proélio

Assisi: Fight Between Jews & Christians Over Religious Symbols – La Stampa


A Response to Brandon Thorp’s Exposé on the Miami Archdiocese – Eric Giunta

 . . . Mark P. Shea comments here . . . 

 . . . summarizes here . . .

Medjugorje Revealed? – Pat Archbold, National Catholic Register

Franciscan Imitates St. Francis, Rebuilds Church Alone for 50 Years – Tancred, TEF

Nat’l Catholyc Reporter: Lesbian “Wedding” a “Foretaste of Eternity” – K. Gilbert, LSN

 . . . Ignatius Insight: Pink Smoke Gets In Your Eyes . . .

Pro-Life Youth Dominate U.N. Conference – Austin Ruse, The Catholic Thing

 . . . Mat. Archbold: UN: Abortion & Prostitution a Right for Ten Year Olds . . .

In Defense of St. Martha, On the Sanctification of Work – Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, NTM

 . . . St. Martha, Virgin . . .

Did the Council of Carthage Have One Book Too Many? – Joe Heschmeyer, Shmlss Ppry

Silence is Defeat – Father John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say?

I Just Signed a Contract with Catholic Answers – Devin Rose, St. Joseph’s Vanguard

World Trade Center Cross Continues to Be Sign of Consolation – K.J. Jones, EWTN News

Give Me that Old Time Religion to Reduce Crime – Doctor Jeff Mirus, Cthlc Culture

Orange County Parishioners Debate Purchasing Crystal Cathedral – Vanessa Barnes

Blasphemy Twice Over in Avignon – Marco Tosatti, La Stampa/Vatican Insider


Sin City: The Catholic Church’s Secret Gay Cabal – Gawker (Warning Graphic Pics)

UK: Church Sex Abuse Allegations Double in One Year – Tim Ross, The Telegraph

Card. Canizares: “Entire Church” Should Receive Communion Kneeling – Fr. Zuhlsdorf

Arch. of Phil. Fights Back Mainstream Media Demagoguery –

Thomas Peters on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show – Thomas Peters, Catholic Vote/AmP

Catholic Charities Endorses Homosexual Sex – Gabriella Torretta, First Things

Albany Bp. Hubbard to Celebrate Mass for Dissident Homosexual Gp. – K. Gilbert, LSN

Archbishop Pietro Sambi’s Legacy – Joan Frawley Desmond, The Daily Register

How 11,000 Roman Jews Saved by the Venerable Pope Pius XII – G. Galeazzi, La Stampa

It Gets Better, The Youth Campaign That Makes Everything Worse – M.R. Hasson, MN

Vietnam Catholic Villagers Attend Mass By Tractors – Vanessa Barnes

The Church as the Bride of Caesar – Father Robert A. Sirico

“Pandamania” VBS Programs Highly Problematic – Dallas Catholics


My Journey to Motherhood – Matt & Pat’s Sister, Creative Minority Report

Three Strong Pro-Life, Orthodox Bishops Appointed in Quebec – Patrick B. Craine, LSN

Cooperation: A Free Market Benefits Everyone – Jeffrey Tucker, Crisis Magazine

Cord Blood and God’s Grandeur – Simcha Fisher, National Catholic Register

Obamacare: Mandated Contraception Trumps Religious Freedom – Kevin J. Hasson, TDR

 . . . Acton Institute: Circle of Protection Subordinates Religion to Politics . . . 

 . . . Marge Fenelon:  Gender Discrimination vs. Faith Discrimination . . . 

Jerusalem: An Anti-Christian Poster in the Via Dolorosa – Giorgio Bernardelli, La Stampa

Christian Human Dignity – Doctor Jeff Mirus, Depth Analysis

About “Instant Saints” – Mundabor’s Blog

What Does One Do in a Poetry Workshop? – Fr. Philip Neri Powell OP PhD, DDMHA!


Multiplication of Loaves & New English Mass Translation – Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, NTM

 . . . Cindy Wooden: Vox Clara Works on Liturgical Translations Not in New Missal . . .

Bloggurgatory – LarryD, Acts of the Apostasy

St. Philip’s Tomb Found? – EWTN News

Conjugal Love Receives a “Higher Value” through NFP – Chris. J. Stravitsch, HLI America

Cyberspace & Circuminsession: Is Your Blog Real? – Dr. Stacy Trasancos, Accptng Abndnc

Study Shows the Rise of Catholic Megaparishes – Scott Alessi, Our Sunday Visitor

The SSPX Talks Are Not a Failure – Tancred, The Eponymous Flower

10,000 March for True Marriage in New York – Jeremy Kryn,

 . . . Car. Moynihan:  Plural Marriage on Rise But No-One Talks About the Kids . . .

 . . . MercatorNet: Whose Rights Matter More: Children or Homosexual Adults? . . . 

The Legion of Christ in Decline Worldwide – Andrés Beltramo Alvarez, La Stampa

Vatican: Official “Unofficial Response” to the Cloyne Report – Phil Lawler, Cthlc Culture

 . . . Ireland’s Papal Nuncio to be transferred to Czech Republic . . .

 . . . Catholic Herald: UK: Allegations of Clerical Abuse Double in a Year . . .

 . . . Mundabor’s Blog: How Bloggers Can Help to Protect the Seal of Confession . . .

U.S. Apostolic Nuncio Passes Away – The Daily Register

 . . . Abp. Dolan & USCCB response here . . .

 . . . Daniel Coppen of the Catholic Herald reports here . . .

 . . . OSV: Requiescat in pace, Archbishop Sambi . . .

Catholic College Professor is a Pro-Abort Blogger – Cardinal Newman Society/Cmps Nts

What to do in Adoration – Marcellino D’Ambrosio PhD, Catholic Lane


Rest Well, Big Boss: “Super-Nuncio” Sambi Dies at 73 – Rocco Palmo, Whsprs in the Lgg

 . . . Holy See: US Nuncio, Archbishop Pietro Sambi Dies . . .

Not a Christian, Not a Knight, but a Breivik – Tim Drake, National Catholic Register

 . . . Norwegian Catholic Comments on Terror Attack . . .

 . . . Terry Mattingly of Get Religion: What He Said (About Norway) . . .

Honoring the Blessed Virgin with a Mary Garden – Cheryl Dickow, Catholic Lane

OSV Guide to the Catholic Internet 4.0 – Kris McGregor, Our Sunday Visitor

Baptism by Blood and the Apostle James – Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Berlin Nearly Sold Out for the Pope’s Visit – Alessandro Alviani, La Stampa/Vtcn Insdr

 . . . Program of Apostolic Trip . . .

Don’t Be a 2/3rds Catholic – Randy Hain, The Integrated Catholic Life™

Bishop Hubbard of Albany Creates Another Scandal – Thomas Peters, Cthlc Vote/AmP

USCCB Bureaucrat Gets Power Drunk & Goes Ape on Michael Voris – Pat. Archbold, CMR

 . . . Mundabor’s Blog: Don’t Get High on Your Own Supply . . .

 . . . Mundabor’s Blog: Michael Voris Responds . . .

The Erotic Theology of Mad Men – Michael P. Foley, First Things/On the Square

Michael Sean Winters Interiorly Dead Arguments – James Flynn, The Catholic Thing

Anti-Catholic Terrorist, Maximilien Robespierre, Executed This Day – Mad Monarchist

Michael O’Brien Responds to His Critics Regarding Harry Potter – Patrick Madrid


Apostolic Nuncio in the U.S. Dies at Hospital – Catholic News Agency

What Bible Did the Sadducees Use? – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Body of Apostle Philip Found in Turkey! – Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

 . . . Fr. Z: Tomb of St. Philip the Apostle discovered in Turkey’s Denizli . . . 

. . . Wm Oddie: Despite Human Rights Demands, Christian Persecution Escalates . . .

Quæritur: Morning Sickness & the Eucharistic Fast – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS?

The Beautiful Youth Get Set for Madrid – Antonine-Marie Izoard, La Stampa/Vtcn Insdr

Norway Terrorist Suspect Denounces Benedict XVI in Online Manifesto – EWTN News

 . . . John Norton of OSV: A Troubled Man’s Way of Hate & Logic of Evil . . .

 . . . U.S. Bishops Offer Prayers After Tragic Norway Attacks . . .

Behind the Anti-Vatican Campaign in Ireland –

US: Unconscionable Assault on Religious Freedom – Our Sunday Visitor

Lebanon: Shiites Invade Catholic Chapel of the Virgin – Fady Noun, AsiaNews

Hamburg Archd. Features Occult Items For Educational Materials – Tancred, Epnyms Flwr

Flavor Co. that Uses Embryo Cells Hides Partner Co. Names – Kathleen Gilbert, LSN

Inwardly Absent Catholics – Devin Rose, St. Joseph’s Vanguard

Brazil: Bishop Manoel dos Reis de Farias Appointed Bishop of Petrolina –

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