The New Vatican Website Explained – Deacon Greg Kandra, Patheos/Deacon’s Bench

“Beauty & the Renewal of Culture: An Evening with Catholic Artists” – Carl Olson, I.I.S.

Medjugorje: The Problem with the “Good Fruit” Argument – Eric Sammons, The Dvn Lf

Capitalism as an Unnatural System – John Médaille, Catholic Lane

Rosminian Order Admits ‘Inadequate’ Response to Abuse – Ed West, Catholic Herald

. . .Francis Phillips: the men abused deserve compensation. . .

. . .Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith: what happened in Tanzania was a moral catastrophe. . .

Love Is Not Feeling, Love Is Obedience To God – Mark P. Shea, Crisis Magazine

Melkite Patriarch: ‘Arab Countries Are Not Ready For Revolutions’ – Lisa Graas

Making Disciples of Children – Father Samuel Medley S.O.L.T., Medley Minute

Choice Omnia Vincit – Gabriel Torretta, First Things/First Thoughts

Purporting to Report the News (Exodus International) – Bobby Ross Jr., Get Religion

Gaining the Whole World at the Cost of Your Soul – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

Three Hard Sayings of the Lord That Offend Modern Notions – Monsignor Charles Pope

FRI.: Bp. Trautman Turns 75, The Retirement Age for Bishops – D.M., Erie Times-News

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