UPDATE IV (7-8-11 AD): Catholic Blogosphere Reaction to Fr. Corapi’s Statement

UPDATE III (7-6-11 AD): More Catholic Blogosphere Reaction to S.O.L.T. Press Release

UPDATE II (7-5-11 AD): Catholic Blogosphere Reaction to S.O.L.T. Press Release

UPDATE I (7-5-11 AD): SOLT Press Release – Fr. Corapi Cohabitating with Prostitute

S.O.L.T.’s Superior Speaks – Father Gerard Sheehan S.O.L.T., The Daily Register

Audio: New Corapi Shock Tape; Attacks Church, Accuser

. . .Mark Shea Responds: maximum passive-aggression. . .

. . .Elizabeth Scalia Responds: has nose-dived into something so pitiful & painful. . .

New Information on the Father Corapi Situation – Jimmy Akin, National Cthlc Register

An Analysis of the Holes in Fr. Corapi’s Story – Mark P. Shea, Catholic & Enjoying It!

I Will Not Defend Father Corapi, I Will Defend Bp. Mulvey – Marcel LeJeune, Aggie Cthlcs

Imitate Christ or Imitate the Blacksheepdog – Al Kresta

An Invitation for Those Suffering About Father Corapi – Lisa Graas

The Stories Don’t Square – Al Kresta

Major Announcement: We Are God’s Chihuahuas – Pat & Matt Archbold, Crtv Min. Rep.

Older Updates on Fr. Corapi for Mon. Afternoon 6-20-2011 AD click here. . .

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