Treating Children Like Pets, Why homosexual Adoption is a Travesty – Wm. B. May, TDR

. . .Catholics helping people long before Illinois pushed homosexual adoptions. . .

iPhone App Review: 1962 Roman Breviary – Father John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS?

400,000 Registered for World Youth Day – Zenit

Prayers for the Dead: U.S. Memorial Day in 2 Maccabees – Joe Heschmeyer, Shmlss Ppry

. . . Donald R. McClarey: Battle Hymn of the Republic. . .

Papal Latin Mass in Constantinople (Pope Saint John I) – Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Canterbury: William Shakespeare Was Probably a Catholic – Anita Singh, The Telegraph

US: Author of Anti-Boehner Letter Exposed as Soros Funded “Catholic” Hack – J. Anderson

Scottish Council Moves to Ban Books by Jews – Lisa Graas

How to Train Good Priests – Sarah Delaney, Catholic News Service

What Would Saint Augustine Say About the Ordinariate? – John Whitehead, OIWACB

Should Confirmation be Delayed? Reflecting on the “Restored Order” – Reginaldus, NTM

The Pietà Behind the Couch – Kevin Flynn & Randy Kennedy, The New York Times

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