The Death of Saint Monica & the Filial Love of Saint Augustine – Reginaldus, NTM

“The-Gaga-Who-Walks-Among-Us” – Christopher Blosser, The American Catholic

5 (or so) Thoughts on the Vatican Bloggers’ Convention – Matthew Warner, NCReg

Report on Planning Meeting for a “Guild” of Catholic Bloggers – Dylan Parry, ARS

SDG Reviews ‘There Be Dragons’ – Steven D. Greydanus, The Daily Register

Benedict XVI and Orange Fanta – Giuseppe Ambrose, The Three Bs

Saint Richard Reynolds, “The Angel of Syon” – Stephanie A. Mann, Supremacy & Survival

Is There Serious Discrimination Against Christians in Europe? – William Oddie, Cth Hrld

A Man Who Used Any Means Necessary – Christopher Tollefsen, 1st Thngs/OTS

U.S.: Obama, the Eucharist, and Steelers’ Owner Dan Rooney – Paul Kengor, Cthlc Vote

The Proletarian Mind – Hilaire Belloc, The Distributist Review

Fair Game in San Francisco – California Catholic Daily

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