Poverty of Heart: The Way of Silent Love – Father Jeffrey Steel, De Cura Animarum

From Savannah to Harlem: Mother Theodore Williams – Pat McNamara, In Ages Past

Martyrs of the Eucharist – Rich Leonardi, Ten Reasons

The Cross is the Fountain of All Grace: This is Why We Need the Mass & Mary – T. M.

Saving Sex for Marriage – Julie Robison, The Corner With A View

Pope’s Pub – Sara Angle, Catholic News Service

English Kings Ancient Claim to France – Tribunus, Roman Christendom

Counting the Costs of the Scandal – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture/On the News

Cardinal Pell Lays Down the Law – Kate Edwards, Australia Incognita

Explaining Catholic Democrats – Mark Stricherz, Catholic Vote

Should Catholics Support Ron Paul? – D.L. Jones, The American Catholic

Kissing Second Cousins? A Priest Repents – Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

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