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Is Planned Parenthood in the ‘Jesuit Tradition’? – Patrick J. Reilly, InsideCatholic

Pro-Life Leaders Call on Jesuit Seattle Univ. to Sever Planned Parenthood Ties – Lisa Graas

Jesuit Univ.’s on the Frontlines of Culture of Death – Kristan Hawkins, Frst Thngs/Frst Thghts

Jesuit Definition on Sexual Orientation: Identity Theory – Rich Leonardi, Ten Reasons

Jesuit University Gonzaga to Host V-Monologues – Matthew Archbold, Creative Mnrty Rprt

Gonzaga VP Invokes Ex Corde Ecclesiae to Justify Production of V-logues – Carl Olson, IIS

The Dissidents are Losing … No Thanks to the Jesuits – Anthony S. Layne, Outside the Asylum

Jesuits Take a Dump on Marriage – Tancred, The Eponymous Flower

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Because Napoleon Died a Catholic Death – Frank Weathers, Why I Am Catholic

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Muslims Burned 69 Churches in Ethiopia, Thousands of Christians Flee – Lisa Graas

Slain Pakistani Minister’s Brother Willing to Take His Place – EWTN News

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