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The Call for a New Syllabus of Errors, This Time on Vatican II – William Oddie, Catholic Herald

Father Zuhlsdorf comments here

Proposals for a Correct Reading of Vatican II – Columba, New Theological Movement

Is Seeing Believing? How the Church Faces Claims of Marian Apparitions – Carol Glatz, CNS

When God Said No – Anna Mitchell, The Integrated Catholic Life™

Ex Corde Ecclesiae in America – Doctor Jeff Mirus, In Depth Analysis

A lesson from Philadelphia – Robert George, Mirror of Justice

P.Z. Myers, Low Life – Father John Zuhlsdorf, What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Do Catholics still zealously praise Virginity? – Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Santorum’s Not a Racist Homophobic Bigot – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

Mother of Four Killed by Islamists…for Being Christian – Lisa Graas

Chicago Exorcist: The ‘Evil One’ is Very Real – Katie Drews,

Let’s avoid “Consequence-Driven Analysis” – Doctor Ed Peters, In the Light of the Law


Three Types of Bishops – Robert Kumpel, Last Papist Standing

Saint Agnes of Rome, Virgin and Martyr – Father John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS?

Agnes Day – Mike Aquilina, The Way of the Fathers

Transubstantiation: From Stumbling Block to Cornerstone – Francis J. Beckwith, TCT

Easier to Conjure up the Devil than get Permission to Say Latin Mass – Richard Collins, LotH

Europe’s Marginalized Christians – Gudrun Kugler, MercatorNet

Materialist Dogma – Mark Shea, National Catholic Register

Poisoned by the Pill: Truths About Chemical Contraception – Mary Ann Moresco, Cth Exchng

Nadine Dorries: ‘The Churches Have Been Pathetic’ – Ed West, Catholic Herald

Pennsylvania Abortionist Case Shows Need for Abortion Clinics to be Regulated – Lisa Graas

Horror: Abortionist Kills Newborns with Scissors – Diane M. Korzeniewski, Te Deum laudamus!

The Kind of Christian Unity I Pray For – Owen Swain, Drawn to Catholicism


What Every Mother Needs to Know About Raising Catholic Kids – Theresa Thomas, TICL™

The Return of Giotto’s Crucifix – Goffredo Silvestri, La Repubblica

Gearing up for Another Papal Bestseller – Cindy Wooden, CNS Blog

The Creed: One Lord – Mark Shea, Catholic Exchange

Something about the Name Mary? – Mark M. Gray, 1964

My Encounter with the Truly Charismatic Founder of L’Arche – Francis Phillips, Cthlc Herald

Sargent Shriver’s Christian Politics – Ross Douthat, New York Times

Eduardo Verastegui to Play Mexican Martyr in ‘Cristiada’ – Catholic News Agency

Ralph McCloud, Head of CCHD, Worked Officially for a Pro-Abortion Candidate – Lisa Graas

Michael Kinsley Needs a Miracle – Thomas Peters, American Papist

The Man Who Loved Women Too Much – Sarah Blustain, Mother Jones

Catholic Voters Applaud repeal of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – CatholicVote


Telling the Truth by Time and Money – Monsignor Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Four Options Regarding Continence & Married Clergy in the West – Doctor Ed Peters, ItLotL

Cardinal Mahony Discusses Retirement Plans – Cardinal Mahony

JP2 was a Great Pope, but That Doesn’t Mean He Never Made Mistakes – William Oddie, C Hrld

Is Rome Shrugging? – Lisa Graas

Obama’s Swanky Event for Human Rights Terrorists – Carol McKinley, The Tenth Crusade

The Anglican Missal – The Catholic Knight

The Real Vatican II – Columba, New Theological Movement

Gruesome Philly Abortion Clinic is the Norm, Not the Exception – Eric Sammons, The Dvn Lf

Obama Praises China’s Human Rights – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

The Trinity Made More Intelligible – Howard Kainz, The Catholic Thing

The Instruction Concerning Summorum Pontificum – Father John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS?


???Who Are the Knights of Malta — and What Do They Want? – Joshua E. Keating, Foreign Policy

Benedict XVI on the ‘Pillars of Christian Unity’ – Father John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS?

And With Your Spirit – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Catholic Teaching is Pro-Choice – Mary Kochan, Catholic Exchange

Mexican Actor Pledges to Build Largest Pro-Life Women’s Clinic in U.S. – Cthlc News Agency

Smoking Gun? No. But Damaging? Yes. – Phil Lawler, On the News

A Catholic Moral Critique of the WikiLeaks Information Releases – Teófilo de Jesús, Vivificat

The President’s Speech; Why I Wasn’t Impressed – Bishop Thomas J. Tobin, Rhode Island Cth

Father Zuhlsdorf comments here

Former Planned Parenthood Director to Convert to Catholicism – Valerie Schmalz, Cth S.F.

Wilfrid Sheed, 80, son of Frank Sheed & Maisie Ward, R.I.P. – Carl Olson, Ignts Insght Scoop

Denis Leary Defames Pope, Priests and Nuns – Catholic League

Repentance is Required to Journey From Darkness Into Light – Bishop David McGough, CH


Diocese Begins 12-step Program for People With Same-Sex Attraction – Thomas Peters, AmP

Saint Francis de Sales: The Saint Who Gave Advice on Dancing and Flirting – Catholic Herald

Head of CCHD Worked For Pro-Choice Campaign – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Rprt

The Chattering Classes Are Us – George Weigel, On The Square

The Fruits of the Pro-Abortion Culture of Death: Horror in Philadelphia – Father Z, WDTPRS?

SFLA Responds to Abortionist Arrest and Infanticide in Philadelphia – Lisa Graas

Heroic Judge Died Saving the Life of Another – Jay Anderson, Pro Ecclesia

Author of Understanding Medjugorje Responds to Critical Review – Donal Anthony Foley

National Catholic Register Acquired by EWTN – Tim Drake, The Daily Register

The Anglican Breviary – The Catholic Knight

Mary, Queen of Scotland’s First Husband – Stephanie A. Mann, Supremacy and Survival

In Japan, Kiko’s Way Doesn’t Fly – Sandro Magister, Chiesa


Christian Anthropology Versus the Sexual Revolution – Peter Kreeft, Cthlc Edctn Resource Ctr

Cardinal-Patriarch Sfeir Accepts Dhimmitude – Lisa Graas

Catholic Church Still Needs Priests – Terry Mattingly, San Angelo Standard-times

How to Date Someone Who Fears Divorce – Anthony Buono, 6 Stone Jars

Death Penalty: Magisterium vs. Left and Right – Mark P. Shea, InsideCatholic

“Vatican Warned Bishops Not To Report Child Abuse”! – Jimmy Akin, National Cthlc Register

America Magazine’s Shoddy Journalism – Doctor Ed Peters, In the Light of the Law

Civility and Scripture (and a note on sarcasm) – Carl Olson, Ignatius Insight Scoop

Beyond Dispute? – Michael Cook, MercatorNet

Church Of England’s Baptism To Become A Baptisn’t? – LarryD, Acts of the Apostasy


The Ordinariate Now Needs a London Church – Damian Thompson, Telegraph

On The Naming Of Anglican Catholic Parishes – The Catholic Knight

What To See in Rome – David Mills, First Thoughts

The Distinction between “Ministry” and “Apostolate” and Why it Matters – Adoro te Devote

UK: New Mass Translation to be Used in Parishes from September – Mark Greaves, Cthlc Herald

The Jesus Prayer – Doctor Peter Kreeft, The Integrated Catholic Life™

Difference Between Personal Status & Objective Requirements of Law – Dr. Ed Peters, ItLotL

Ave Maria University: A Challenge Among Friends – Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing

Concerns for Civility: What Do The Scriptures Teach Us? – Monsignor Charles Pope, AoW

Gun Control and the Catholic Church, A Matter of Prudential Judgment – Lisa Graas

Who Is the New Auxiliary Bishop in Indianapolis: Father Chris Coyne – Carol McKinley, TTC

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