The Witches Next Door – Sandra Miesel, InsideCatholic

Revealed Religion or Relevant & Radical? – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Catholicism & SciFi, the Shifting Sands of a Shared Culture? – Kate Edwards, Aussie Incognita

The Shooting of Congresswoman Giffords – Joe Hargrave, The American Catholic

In Which the Putty Tells the Potter What Sort of Thing It Wants To Be – Tom Crowe, Cth Vote

Video: Christians Explain Why They Hate Gays – Lisa Graas

Liturgy Must Draw Us Towards the World Beyond – Father John Zuhlsdorf, Catholic Herald

Love in Middle America: “It’s Complicated” – David and Amber Lapp, On The Square

The Church’s Stance on Cremation – Father Jim Fenstermaker CSC, Randolph Herald

Reprinted and Revised! – Stephanie A. Mann, Supremacy and Survival

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