Synod of the Family: Cardinal Kasper Accuses

Card. Kasper accused other Cardinals of attacking the PopeWalter Cardinal Kasper Accuses

Other Cardinals of Attacking Pope Francis

via Fr. Z’s Blog


War of words heats up as Vatican counts down to synod  Cardinals Müller and Pell Take

  Cardinal Kasper to Task

  by John Thavis  The Shamelessness of

  Cardinal Walter Kasper Is Astonishing

  by New Catholic of Rorate Cæli


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Was Pope Francis Did Pope Francis Push the Envelope Attending Marriages of Cohabiting Couples?

by Catherine Ruth Pakaluk of Aleteia∝


	 Comment & Blogs The reinterment of Richard III in a Protestant cathedral demonstrates how firmly in place still is the anti-Catholic ascendancy his defeat at Bosworth made possible  Reinterment of Catholic King Richard III in

  Protestant Cathedral & Anti-Catholicism

  by William Oddie of The Catholic Herald Is Cardinal Dolan Playing the Fool

  Or Just a Careerist Politician?

  by Donald R. McClarey JD of TACatholic


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House Authorizes Arming, Training of Syrian Rebels – USA Today

Assyrian Ch of the E. Bishop: Why Christianity is Vital in Middle East – AINA

Edmonton’s Coptic Christian Community Welcomes Pope Tawadros II – EJ

Bl. Velychkovsky Named Patron of Prison Ministry – BC Catholic

The Foolishness of the Cross – Met. Khodr, Notes on Arab Orthodoxy

Canadian Prime Minister Meets Pope Tawadros II – Prm Mnstr Press Release

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Cardinal Dolan's Astonishing Naivete Cardinal Dolan, “Caving In to Pressure”

by Kevin O’Brien of Waiting for Godot to Leave


How To Write For the National Catholic Reporter  How to Write for the National Catholic Reporter

  by Christopher Johnson

  of the Midwest Conservative Journal


How To Comment On The Pope, If At All  Pope Francis Told Crd. Müller He Is “Irritated”

  with New Pro-Marriage Book?

  of La Croix Newspaper (France)


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Synod for the Family: Remarried and Divorced

False Expectations and the coming SynodFalse Expectations & the Coming Synod – Fr. Basil Cole OP

Communion for Remarried, Pope Francis Has Yes In Pectore – Magister
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For the WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON EDITION (9-17-14) click here.


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