(Photo Credit: Senator Tim Kaine Twitter)

(Photo Credit: Senator Tim Kaine Twitter)

Bishop Thomas Tobin: Tim Kaine Is Not a Pope Francis Catholic; He’s a Joe Biden Catholic

by Brian Fraga

of the National Catholic Register

Let’s Explain Rather than Eject the Church’s Language – Nicholas Senz, Crisis Magazine
7 Insanely Bad TV Shows & Movies Featuring Popes – Matthew Archbold, Natl Cthlc Register
Unmasking Saul Alinsky, a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – Joseph Pronechen, Natl Cthlc Register
Dr. Jan. Smith: Big Response to Pro-Humanae Vitae Affirmation. . . Stunning! – Carl E. Olson
Humanae Vitae Dissenters Should Not Be Teaching at Catholic Colleges – Patrick Reilly, NC Reg
N.Y. City Parish Promotes ‘Catholic’ Homosexual Activist Rally that Includes Mass – Cl. Chretien
Bp. Olmsted: Pope Hasn’t Changed Practice on Communion for Divorced, Remarried – C.N.A.
The Death Penalty Debate Continues. . . – Mark Brumley, The Dispatch
Glowing in the Dark: Teens On Fire – Paul Oakes, Catholic Stand

Catholics in an Age of Secular Moralism – Samuel Gregg D.Phil., The Catholic World Report
The Ongoing Surrender of Terminology to the Secularist Agenda – Omnia Vincit Veritas


catholic-mass-or-protestant-serviceWas That a Catholic Mass or a Protestant Service?

by Father John Zuhlsdorf

via Fr. Z’s Blog

“The Experiment of Communion in the Hand Has Been a Disaster. . .” – Brian Williams, L.G.
Reclaiming St. Josemaría Escrivá for the New Liturgical Movement – Peter Kwasniewski Ph.D.
Unlocking the Mystery of Our Lady of Guadalupe – Jeffrey A. Mirus Ph.D., Catholic Culture
Ad Orientem and Absolutism – Charles Shonk, First Things
Oklahoma City’s Archbishop on Satanists, Vocations & a Unique Canonization Case – Jim Graves
Two Acres & Cow: Our Back to the Land Adventure – Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman
A Defense of the Christian Teaching Against Contraception – Sherif Girgis Ph.D., Crisis Mgzn
Our Lady Isn’t Emo! She’s Sorrowful – Theresa Williams, epicPew
The Consolation of Truth – Bob Drury, Catholic Stand
Perpetuating Padre Pio’s Mission – Joseph Pronechen, National Catholic Register
Portion of Road Renamed to Honor Mother Angelica – Catholic News Agency


mother-and-father-kissing-adorable-little-infant-child10 Things People Need to Stop Saying to Parents for a More Pro-Life Culture

by Justin McClain

of epicPew

There is a Crisis of “Fatherless” Children in America – Larry Peterson, It Makes Sense To Me
Should We Welcome Expansion of Catholic Schools? Not If They’re Less Catholic – Mic. Merrick
The Nativity Show from the Creators of the Muppets – Mary Rezac, Catholic News Agency
Surrogate Gods, Surrogate Parents – Randy Hain, Integrated Catholic Life™
The Marian Shrine of Walsingham & Christian Pilgrimage – Ann Schneible, Cthlc News Agency
Focus on Technique: How to Create Illusion of Depth, or Destroy It. . .  – David Clayton
Have You Had A Mercy Checkup? – Dom Cingoranelli, Catholic Stand
That Faith Counts Study: Religion is Bigger than Facebook, Google & Apple Combined – J. Duin
The Penitent Thief Was in the Right Place at the Right Time – Shaun McAfee O.P., N.C. Rgstr
Pope Francis Warns Gossip Destroys the Church from Within – Catholic News Agency via Crux


pope-francis-with-open-hand-waiving-smilingPope Francis Tells New Bishops: The World Is Tired of ‘Trendy’ Priests

by Carol Glatz

of Catholic Herald

The Thunderous Din of the Silent Majority – Dan Byron, Catholic Stand
Should Christians Romanticize the Middle Ages? – James Baresel
Most of U.S.’s Religious Nones Aren’t Atheists & Aggressive New Atheism Isn’t New – R. Ostling
Catholic Artist Preserves Memories of Parochial School Life – Jerri Donohue, N.C. Register
Texting Is For Twits – Regis Martin, Crisis Magazine
Brock Turner, Moral Outrage, and Natural Law – Kevin E. Stuart, Public Discourse
Did The Rosary Save This Priest from the Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima? – Godwin Delali Adadzie
4 Spiritual Habits for Homeschooling – Sam, Thy Will Be Done . . .
Democracy Cannot Exist Without God – Vicki Burbach, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Empiricism and the Burkini Ban – Caleb Bernacchio, Providence
Ongoing Discussion about Capital Punishment Deserves Charity and Clarity – Mark Brumley


bible-and-computer-tablet5 Vital Catholic Resources That Are Always Online and Always Free

by Justin McClain

of epicPew

Why Communion on the Tongue? – Christopher Carstens, Catholic Spiritual Direction
The Magnet of Mediocrity in Catholic Schools – Randall Smith Ph.D., The Catholic Thing
Seeing Trump v. Clinton Through Catholic Eyes – John L. Allen Jr., Crux
Here I Am, Lord; About 68% Of Me – Guy McClung J.D. Ph.D., Catholic Stand
These Friends w/ Down Syndrome Dominating Argentina Pizza Market – Bustamante, C.N.A.
Quæritur: Why are We Responsible for the Sin of Adam & Eve When We Weren’t There? – Fr. Z
War, Hospitality, and the Current Refugee Crisis – Fr. James V. Schall S.J., The Dispatch
Italian Greek-Catholics Celebrate the Exaltation of the Cross – Gregory DiPippo, New Lit Mov
Want Authenticity? Turn Off Your Cell Phone, Pope Francis Says – Catholic News Agency
Iraqi Christian Homeland: Nineveh Plain Province Is Solution Beyond Genocide – Victor Gaetan
Parents Are An Image of God – Thomas Clements, Ignitum Today


once-saved-always-saved-protestant-born-again-christian-memeMemes Every Catholic Should Always Have on Hand

by Doug Johnson

of epicPew

Famed Exorcist Proved You Don’t Have to Play the Clerical Game – John L. Allen Jr., Crux
Abp. Gänswein: New Benedict XVI Book Deconstructs Old Image of Pope Emeritus – E. Pentin
Back to School: 10 Oldest Universities in Europe, Guess Who Founded Them All? – Dn. Esparza
African Activist: Stop Using Western Aid to Force Secularist Values on Our Cultures – S. Herreid
Do You Choose Your Friends by Religion? – Patti Maguire Armstrong, Natl Catholic Register
Sex, Family and the Liberty of the Church – Archbishop Charles J. Chaput O.F.M. Cap., Reg
Pope and Council of Cardinals Discuss Improvements to Selection Process for Bishops – C.N.S.
We Need To Do More for Refugees, Catholic Advocates Say – M. Hadro, Catholic News Agency
Contrasting Beliefs: How Trump and Clinton Are Wooing Religious Voters – Brian Fraga, Rgstr
Showing God’s Mercy By Listening to Others – Anne De Santis, Catholic Stand
Don’t Forget to Feed the Hungry This Month – Anita Boniface, Catholic Herald


tim-kaine-boredBreaking News: Tim Kaine’s Guardian Angel Quits

by Donald R. McClarey, J.D.,

of The American Catholic

Give Detroit a Cardinal, Pope Francis – Nicholas G. Hahn III, The Detroit News
New Chaos and Confusion Over “Amoris Laetitia” – Mary Jo Anderson, The Dispatch
‘The Patrick Coffin Show’ Readies for Its Debut – Tom Nash, National Catholic Register
Mexico: The World’s Most Dangerous Place to be a Priest – Tim MacGabhann, Catholic Herald
The Heart of the Matter: Ideology – Anthony Esolen Ph.D., The Catholic Thing
A Report From Baby Bishop School – Bishop Robert Barron, National Catholic Register
Why I Remain Optimistic about the Ordinariate in England and Wales – Father Ed’s Blog
Seeing God in Every Deplorable Person – Cynthia Millen, Catholic Stand
A Phoenix Bishop’s Plea to Voters & Politicians: No Votes for Abortion – Kevin J. Jones, C.N.A.
Religious Freedom Issues Loom Large in 2016 Election – Tom Tracy, C.N.S. via Crux
U.S. Bishops to Join Worldwide Day of Prayer for Sex Abuse Survivors – C.N.A. via The Reg


diocese-of-charlotte-boom-in-seminariansCharlotte’s Boom in Seminarians

by Brian Williams

of the Liturgy Guy

How to Pray the “Cursing Psalms” Against Our Enemies – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
How Should Bishops Deal with Kaine & Biden? Take a Tip from Card. Burke – Francis Phillips
Catholics for Clinton: What Are They Thinking? – Nicholas Frankovich, NRO
‘Loser Letters’ Revives Tradition of Faith Making Culture – Christopher White, Crux
Divine Mercy University: New Name, New Expansion – Joseph Pronechen, Natl Cthlc Register
How a New Classical Academy Is Reaching Out to Millennial Parents – Maggie Maslak, C.N.A.
Evie Help! – Ryan Kraeger, Ignitum Today
An Epileptic Fit? St. Paul’s Experience Can’t be Dismissed That Easily – Francis Phillips, C.H.
The Five Lessons of Paul’s Conversion – Gabriel Garnica, Catholic Stand
The World Needs a Merciful Response to Refugees, Pope Francis Says – Elise Harris, C.N.A.
A Unique Opportunity Awaits a Consistent Ethic of Life Party – Charles C. Camosy, Crux


Il cardinale Crescenzio Sepe durante la celebrazione in occasione della festa di San Gennaro a Napoli, 19 settembre 2015. ANSA / CIRO FUSCO19 Sept in Naples: The Blood of St. Januarius Liquefied!

by Father John Zuhlsdorf

of Fr. Z’s Blog

¡Viva Cristo Rey! Mexican Bishop Persecuted by Homosexualists – Fr. Z’s Blog
Hope for a Sane World Dashed Again on the Rocks of Madness – John Paul Meenan, Crisis
Administrator Urges Vatican to Remove Guam’s Archbishop – Associated Press via Cthlc Hrld
Putting the “Roman” Back in “Roman Catholic” – Michael De Sapio, Crisis Magazine
The Making of a Man: St. Joseph College Seminary – Brian Williams, Liturgy Guy
Bishops of Alberta Stand Up! No Communion for ‘Remarried’ Without Continence – Fr. Z’s Blog
Genocide of Christians by I.S.I.S. a Reality We Can’t Ignore – Fr. Matthew Schneider L.C., Crux
Ignore the Misleading Headlines: Remarried Can’t ‘Now Receive Communion’ – Dan Hitchens
Pope Francis and the Issues of Ideological Colonization – Andrea Gagliarducci, Monday Vtcn
Why I’m Catholic: Sola Scriptura Isn’t Scriptural, Part II – Kenneth Hensley, Catholic Answers
Congressional Investigation Documents Uni. of New Mexico’s Use of Dead Babies – Brian Fraga


st-helen-and-the-true-crossHow to Explain Sign of the Cross to Protestants

by Taylor Marshall, Ph.D.

Another Kim Davis? Christian Govt Worker Attempts to Skip LGBT Diversity Vid – Julia Duin
Supernaturally Oriented Catholicism Grows – Ken Kniepmann, Catholic Stand
Men Don’t Have Babies, No Matter What USA Today Thinks – Patti Maguire Armstrong, NC Rg
American Catholic Bishops Reaffirm the Church’s Teaching on Marriage – Justin McClain, eP
Beer Becomes Missionary Calling Card, Especially With Millennials – Associated Press via Crux
The Jesuit Who Invented Hypertext – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia
Vatican: Arranging an Abortion or Attempting Suicide are Obstacles to Ordination – C. Wooden
Diocese of Lincoln Sees Strong Turnout at First Sacred Music Clinic – Cathy Bender, C.N.A.
New Catholic University Launches Sacred Art Master’s – Catholic News Agency
Pope Francis Approves Establishment of Day of Prayer for Abuse Survivors – Carol Glatz

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