A Bridge to Nowhere: Fr. James Martin and the Catholic/LGBT Divide

by R.J. Snell, Ph.D.

of Public Discourse

Catholic Comedian Jim Gaffigan Tweets Apparent Support of NYC Pride Parade – Chloe Langr
James Martin Blasts Bishop Thomas Paprocki – Joseph Sciambra
The Top Ten Must-See Catholic Sites – Diana von Glahn, OSV Newsweekly
Is Communion Now “We Get the White Thing in Our Hands & Then We Sing the Song”? – Fr. Z
Quæritur: When Do Traditional Catholics Throw in the Towel? – Fr. Z’s Blog
To Understand Pope Francis, You Have to Understand the Jesuits – CNA via The CWR
Not the Man of My Dreams – Rebekah Andrews, Ignitum Today
This Beautiful Church was a Gift from Slovakia to Icelandic Catholics – CNA via The CWR
Forward-Thinking Traditionalist To Allow Wife To Wear Pants – Eye of the Tiber
The Church and the Dissidents – Andrea Gagliarducci, Monday Vatican
Video: Edward Pentin and Fr. Murray on the Five Dubia of the Four Cardinals – Fr. Z’s Blog
Divine Worship: The Ordinariate Form of the Roman Rite – Shane Schaetzel, Catholic Ozarks
Artist Jonathan Byrne and The Face of Christ – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand
Orestes Brownson Was a Uniquely American Voice in the Church – Gerald Russello, NC Rgstr
Sometimes We’re All a Little “Surprised By Life” – Laura Hensley, epicPew
Saint Pelagius of Cordova, Martyr – Harry Stevens, Regina Magazine
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Prideful Left Eats Itself

by Rod Dreher

A TAC Blogger

Supreme Court Ruling Protects Children—and Religious Liberty – Joe Carter, Acton Institute
Up to 5.7 Million Noncitizens Voted in Past Presidential Elections, Study Finds – Fred Lucas
The Insidious Influence of the SPLC – Jeryl Bier, The Wall Street Journal
“The “Glory of God is Man Fully Alive”: The Madness of Transhumanism – M. Kalpakgian Ph.D.
The Arab World Is A Political Problem Because It Has A Religious Problem – Luma Simms
The Danger of “Public” Education – Murray N. Rothbard, Mises Institute
Nonbelievers: You Need Religious Freedom, Too – Tom Gilson, The Stream
Catholic Georgetown University Refuses to Say If It Profits From Abortion – Micaiah Bilger, LN
Disabled Prof: Nazi Euthanasia Pgm No Different Than Push to Euthanize Today – Schadenberg
Why You Should Consider Foster Care If You’re Infertile – Brittany Cover, The Federalist
New Poll Shows Americans Do Not Want the Debt Ceiling to Be Raised – Christine Roe
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Bishop Thomas Paprocki

Canonist Ed Peters Destroys a Clueless Critic of Bishop Paprocki

by Father John Zuhlsdorf

of Fr. Z’s Blog

The Shroud of Turin and the Facts – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, National Catholic Register
The Problem of Catholic Pretenders – K.E. Colombini, Crisis Magazine
Trans-Canada – David Warren, The Catholic Thing
Guidestar Joins the Targeting of Christian Groups – Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine
34 Common Errors About the Spanish Inquisition – Angelo Stagnaro, Natl Catholic Register
“La La Land” and the Liberating of Traditions – Susanna Spencer, National Catholic Register
How to Fundraise for Your Pro-Life Charity – Brice Sokolowski,
Cardinal Parolin Says ‘In All Probability’ He Will Visit Moscow in August – Edward Pentin
Dating Apps and the Death of Romance – What’s a Catholic To Do? – CNA via The CWR
How Catholic Culture can Thrive on the Internet – Catholic News Agency via The CWR
The First Viking Invasion of England—This Month in Catholic History – Thomas Craughwell
The Creative Catholic: John C. Wright – K.V. Turley, The Catholic World Report
Conflicts, Campuses, and the Return to Catholic Commitments – Adam A.J. DeVille Ph.D.
The “Jesus Fish”: It’s All Greek to Me – Fr. Jeff Loseke, Pelican’s Breast
Judge Halts Deportations of Chaldean Christians to Iraq for Now – CNA via The CWR
Can Sports bring Kids Closer to God? – Marta Klimek, Aleteia
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How Peasants in the Middle Ages had More Vacation Time Than We Do

by Zelda Caldwell

of Aleteia

The Poisoning of Robert Spencer – Mark Steyn
Many Corporations Taking Pride in Sodomy – William M. Briggs Ph.D., Statistician to the. . .
Why Do Intellectuals Fall in Love with Dictators and Totalitarians? – Theodore Dalrymple, CJ
These are the 5 Most Fearsome Russian Weapons of War America Should Fear – Dave Majumdar
Why Russia Gave up Alaska, America’s Gateway to the Arctic – William L. Iggiagruk Hensley
How to Stop Your Dog Getting Heatstroke – According to Science – Anne Carter & Emily Hall
How to Build the Perfect Sandcastle – According to Science – Matthew Robert Bennett
Prisoners Save Guard’s Life, Get Sentences Cut by 25% – Eric Lieberman, The Stream
I Checked out Tesla Autopilot & There’s No Way It Can Drive a Car by Itself – Mat. DeBord
Marvel Cancels Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Lives Matter Comic Due to Poor Sales – Ian M. Cheong
Growing Family Culture Locally: The Church – Patrick F. Fagan Ph.D., Mercatornet
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The Devil Preys on Idle Souls

by Todd Nolan

of Catholic Stand

Quæritur: Priest Puts too Much Water into the Chalice, Valid? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Cleveland’s ‘Avilas’ Quietly Nurture Vocations – Jerri Donohue, National Catholic Register
Must a Latin Church Catholic Going to an Eastern Church Still Obey Latin Laws? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Are Most Christians Clueless About Their True Identity? – Melanie Jean Juneau, Cthlc Stand
The Lost Virtue of Christian Hospitality – Nada Mazzei, Catholic Stand
Infielder Has Major Reasons to Be Better Man and Baseball Player – Trent Beattie, NC Register
The 16th Century’s Saintly Six – Susan Klemond, National Catholic Register
The Gift of Priestly Celibacy – Fr. Brian Mullady O.P., National Catholic Register
Practice Makes Perfect in Life and Prayer – David Torkington, Catholic Stand
Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati: A Saint of Lofty Goals – Emily Stimpson Chapman, NC Register
Tradition is for the Young (Part VII) – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
Of Mountains and Molehills – Rebekah Andrews, Ignitum Today
Inspiring Faith Amid Trial – Nick Manetto, National Catholic Register
Sacred Music from the Land of Fátima – Peter A. Kwasniewski Ph.D., New Liturgical Mvmnt
The Abundant Life – Mitchell Kalpakgian Ph.D., Truth and Charity Forum
The Mature Witness of Child Saints – Brian O’Neel, National Catholic Register
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The Secret to Protecting Yourself from the Antichrist’s Deception

by Karlo Broussard

of Catholic Answers Magazine

Quæritur: In Confession, Instead of Act of Contrition, Father Asked Questions – Fr. Z’s Blog
Fr. James Martin, “Bridges” & the Triumph of the Therapeutic Mentality – Eduardo Echeverria
Why Do Priests Wear a Chasuble at Mass? And What’s a Chasuble? – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
Have the People Recline – Suellen Brewster, Catholic Stand
How to Help Our Elder Brothers the Jews – Cale Clarke, Catholic Answers Magazine
Churches Worth Driving To – California Catholic Daily
An Update on the Drowned Toddler Who Made a Miraculously Recovery – Lori Hadacek Chaplin
Here’s Why There are Dolphins in the Christian Catacombs – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
Three Reasons Why Catholic Classical Education is a Tough Sell – Mark Langley, Lion & Ox
What is Sacred Music? The History Is More Complex Than You Might Think – Msgr. Charles Pope
Only 3 Birthdays Celebrated on the Liturgical Calendar? (1 Is Coming Up!) – Aleteia
Corpus Christ 2017 Photopost (Part I) – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
Depicting the Stars & Planets, St. Alban’s Style – Alison Hudson, Medieval manuscripts blog
The Stories Behind the Bell Names in the Cathedral of Notre Dame – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia
What is a Monstrance? – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
Videos of the Ambrosian Rite at Sacra Liturgia 2017 – Gregory DiPippo, New Ltrgcl Mvmnt
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Robert Cardinal Sarah

Robert Cardinal Sarah, Terror of Modernists

by Father John Zuhlsdorf

of Fr. Z’s Blog

Why Do Protestants Reject the Notion of “One True Church”? – Dave Armstrong, NC Register
Quæritur: Priest Says “For All” in Consecration; Invalid? – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Quæritur: Is There an Archangel Uriel? – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Pack Your Bags, Are You Prepared to Leave Your Affairs in Order? – Matthew Hennessey, FT
The Bible, the Reformation, and G.K. Chesterton – Dale Ahlquist, The Catholic World Report
St. Thomas More and London Bridge – K.V. Turley, Crisis Magazine
How to Fundraise for Your Pro-Life Charity – Brice Sokolowski,
Why I Learned the Traditional Latin Mass – Fr. Richard Heilman, Roman Catholic Man
A “One Flesh” Sacramental Union – Eduardo J. Echeverria, The Catholic Thing
The Catholic Church and Science – Ray Sullivan, Catholic Stand
FSSP Ordinations in England – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
St. John Fisher, Cardinal-Martyr of England – Stephanie Mann, National Catholic Register
‘A Saint for Our Times’ – the Inspiring Story of Chiara Corbella Petrillo – CNA via The CWR
Memory: Human and Divine – Fr. Paul Scalia, The Catholic Thing
Matins Readings During the Octave of Corpus Christi – Gregory DiPippo, New Ltrgcl Mvmnt
El Salvador’s First Cardinal a Friend of Blessed Óscar Romero – Cthlc Nws Agncy via The CWR
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