A Chaotic Synod? Not In Its Results – Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture
Dear Atheists, Science Provides for God’s Existence – TCMaaB
A Grandmother’s Legacy: Faith, Family, Zest for Life – Greg Yoko, CS
Stephen Hawking Is an Atheist? Who Cares? – David Byrne, Crisis
A Case of Surrogacy’s Gordian Knot – Wesley Smith JD, Cthlc Lane
The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde – Sean Fitzpatrick, The Cvl Rdr
The Death of a Parish, a Promise of New Life? – Richard J. Clark
They’re Still Trying to Disprove Post-Abortion Trauma Syndrome
Common Phrases You Didn’t Know Came From the Bible – ChurchPOP
Why Is Society Reluctant to Judge Anything at All? – Fr J V Schall SJ
The Truth & Charity Trap – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
The Greatest Disease in the West – Alex Johannigman, ATCJ

An Extraordinary Synod, Indeed

Synod on the Family AD 2014 Cardinal Kasper Pope Francis divorced remarriedAn Extraordinary Synod, Indeed

by George Weigel

of First Things


Cardinal Kasper  Africans Criticize Cardinal Kasper’s Remarks

  by Matthew Schmitz

  of First Things



Archbishop Kurtz  Archbishop Kurtz on the Synod:

  ‘Mercy Without Truth Is Not Mercy’

  by Edward Pentin of

Revolving Door for Homosexuals – Sandro Magister, Chiesa
About Annulments, Recent Synod on the Family – Shaun McAfee
Social Media and Catholic Bishops – Shane Schaetzel, Fully Christian
God’s Law vs. God’s Mercy? Never – Patrick Archbold, The Reg
First World Problems – Mark Movsesian, First Things
Examining Pope Francis’ Synodal Speech – Msgr. Charles Pope
The Surprises Arising from the Synod – Mark Brumley, The Reg
Questions Remain, Looking Ahead to Next Year – Mary Jo Anderson
If Pope Francis Endorses Polygamy, End of Church – John Zmirak
For the WEDNESDAY MORNING EDITION (10-22-14) click here.


Islam Mohammad Muslim ISIS ISILSyria: A 17-year-old Christian Boy

Has Been Crucified

by Shane Raynor


Mass Eucharist Priest Sunday  Is It Really a Mortal Sin

  to Skip Sunday Mass?

  by Fr. Ryan Erlenbush

  of The New Theological Movement



  Why Is Religion Necessary for Happiness?

  by Fr. Leslie Rumble of Catholic Answers


Christians Struggle to Rebuild Their Lives in Syria – Catholic Lane
Christians Face Jail Time for Refusing Gay ‘Marriage’ – D McClarey JD
Helen Hull Hitchcock: A Valiant Voice for Faith & Family – Cha. Hays
Becoming a Committed Catholic Man – Matthew James Christoff, CS
The Rise of the Beta Male: Pope Francis – David L. Gray
Slow Down & Think – Jason Theobald, Ignitum Today
Was the Sistine Chapel “Rented” Out to Porsche? – Fr. Z’s Blog
2014 Midterms: A More Pro-Life U. S. Senate? – Peter Jesserer Smith
St. Augustine on Ghosts – Thomas L. McDonald, God & Machine
An Extraordinary Synod, Indeed – (10-22-14)


Human Rights Activists Tell Europe: Stand Up for Persecuted Christians  Read more: Rights Activists Tell Europe:

Stand Up for Persecuted Christians

by Andrea Gagliarducci

of the National Catholic Register


World Youth Day Madrid Spain Gay Homosexual Attacks  A Tale of Targeting: Gay Bullying

  by Robert Oscar Lopez

  of First Things


Christian Ministers Told to Perform Same-Sex ‘Weddings’ or Face Jail  Read more:  Christian Ministers Told to Perform

  Same-Sex ‘Weddings’ or Face Jail

  via the National Catholic Register


Building Technology Boundaries – Catholic Lane
Resting a Bad Argument: Marriage Law & Sex Discrimination – S. Girgis
Gender as Consumer Choice – Phillip Cary, First Things
Blessed Karl: A Holy Emperor – Philip Jenkins, Aleteia∝
Conspiracies & Catholicism: Halloween – Foxfier, Catholic Stand
Cardinal Kasper Caught Lying Again – New Catholic, Rorate Cæli
Kasper Apologizes; Suggests Catholic Media will Avenge Him! – Scalia
Synod Fallout: Anti-Gay Security Guards Lose Jobs – D.R. McClarey JD
Cardinal Kasper’s Non-Apology Apology – Catherine Harmon, CWR Blg
Synod on the Family: Success or Failure? – (10-21-14)
An Extraordinary Synod, Indeed – (10-22-14)
For the WEDNESDAY MORNING EDITION (10-22-14) click here.

Synod on the Family: Success or Failure?

It’s too early to write off the synod as a failureIt’s too Early to Write Off

the Synod as a Failure

via The Catholic Herald


Archbishop Kurtz  Synod: Archbishop Kurtz Wants All

  Bishops’ Interventions to be Published

  via Aleteia∝


Pope Francis Discusses About the Homeless  Lessons from the Synod:

  Hard Cases Make for Bad Law

  by Rachel Lu of Aleteia∝


Has Pope Francis Loose Forces He Can’t Control? – William Oddie
A Moderate Façade and a Radical Interior? – Hadley Arkes, The Ct Th
Did the Synod Endorse “Lifestyle Ecumenism”? – Tyler Blanski, Crisis
Bread, Not Stones – Jonathan Cariveau, One Peter 5
CBS News Looks for LGBTQ Catholics, Finds Schismatics  – Dawn Eden
Church Teaching: Hostile Inflexibility? – Patrick Archbold, OP5
The Disconcerting Synod – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Synod & Media: Culpable Naïveté or Shrewd Calculation? – Rus. Shaw
Synod Closes With Clearer Vision Than When It Opened – Edw. Pentin
An Extraordinary Synod, Indeed – (10-22-14)
For the TUESDAY MORNING EDITION (10-21-14) click here.
For the TUESDAY AFTERNOON EDITION (10-21-14) click here.
For the WEDNESDAY MORNING EDITION (10-22-14) click here.


 An Aussie Speaking Italian!

Cardinal Pell on Pope Francis

by Jeff Ostrowski

of Views from the Choir Loft


How To Comment On The Pope, If At All  Evaluating the Synod by Pope Francis’

  Own Evangelical Principles

  by Fr. Roger Landry of


Lebanon: A Catholic Village Walks Its Way of the Cross – Catholic Lane
Crazy Cardinals, Synod, Marriage & Family; Peace – T. Marshall PhD
The University of Notre Dame Is Confused – Dr. Ed Peters
Synod’s Message ‘Weak & Ambiguous’ – Voice of the Family
Laity Vocation: Let Us Build the Earthly City – Kevin Aldrich, Cth Stnd
Asmodeua Destroying Marriage – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
The Documentary Filmmaker Who Wants to Ban Surrogacy – Jen. Lahl
If Council of Jerusalem Was Covered by Mainstream Media – Vivificat
Giving Pope Paul VI His Due – Russell Shaw, The CWR Blog
Synod on the Family, Crd. Kasper & More! – (10-20-14)
Family on the Synod: Success or Failure? – (10-21-14)
For the TUESDAY AFTERNOON EDITION (10-21-14) click here.



Why Christianity Opposes Same-Sex Relations

But Not Pork-Eating

via Big Blue Wave


Pope Francis with Crucifix  Pope Francis on the Middle East Genocide

  by Carol Glatz

  of The Catholic Herald


Hard Winter Looms for Iraq’s ‘Betrayed’ Christian Refugees  Read more:  Hard Winter Looms for Iraq’s

  ‘Betrayed’ Christian Refugees

   via the National Catholic Register

Ebola Crisis Bishop: Liberians Feel God has Forsaken Them – B. Dachs
Transgender Deconstruction – Phillip Cary, First Things
Is Western Civilization Really Best? – Angelo M. Codevilla
Chaput, Morals, and the Law – Mark Bauerlein, First Things
Univ. of Notre Dame to Offer Benefits for GayPartners – J. F. Desmon
Medieval Golden Age, Modern Barbarism – Andrew Doran, First Things
CO Sen. Udall Attacks on Pro-Life Candidate Backfiring – Mk. Stricherz
The Grace of Yes: A Review – Bethanie Ryan, Ignitum Today
Father Groeschel Is Still Teaching – Jamey Brown, Catholic Stand
Synod on the Family 2014 Post Mortem – (10-19-14)
Synod on the Family Aftermath – (10-20-14)
Synod on the Family, Crd. Kasper & More! – (10-20-14)

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