Fascinating! National Geographic’s “Inside the Vatican”



Joe Biden Square Pic  Low Expectations Catholicism

  by Steve Skojec

  of One Peter 5



Opposing the   Opposing the “False Mercy” Agenda

  by Frank Rega

  of The Shield of Faith



Book Review: Runaway Radical, When Doing Good Goes Wrong – Tammy Ruiz, Cth Stnd
Technology for the Church Singer: Choral Singing from a Tablet – Ben Yanke
Quæritur: Mass in the Living Room – Fr. Z’s Blog
Interview with Allison: Tiny House Dweller – J. Q. Tomanek, Ignitum Today
Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad Stories – Sophie Hileman, The Civilized Reader
Too Pretty to Be a Nun: Terrifying Doubts Beneath Christian Life – Sr. Theresa A. Noble
Michigan’s Underwater Crucifix Draws Record Crowd for Annual Viewing – Kathy Schiffer
Abuse Scandals Fallout: Custodian Uses Bathroom, Crd. O’Malley Fires Everyone – TMR
How We Can Diet and Eat Healthy Food and Still Commit Gluttony – Philip Kosloski
The U. S. Supreme Court and Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – (3-23-15)
The Crisis of Civilization – (3-24-15)

Synod 2015: Cardinal Kasper, Germans & Cardinal Nichols

Cardinal Kasper Braces for Synod ‘Battle’Cardinal Kasper Braces for Synod ‘Battle’

by Father Dwight Longenecker

of The National Catholic Register


Cardinal Kasper: Will Flattery Get Him Somewhere? – Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture
Is Pope Francis Turning Away from Kasper and to Caffarra? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Is Pope Francis Distancing Himself from Cardinal Kasper? – Sandro Magister, Chiesa
Crd. Burke: ‘It’s Clear’ Synod was Manipulated by Those ‘Pushing an Agenda’ – J. Smits
Crd Kasper Responds to First Things Review of ‘Mercy’ – Crd. Kasper & Fr. D. Moloney
The Sheer Arrogance of the German Bishops – Fr. Z’s Blog
German Bishops Pushing Hard to Overturn the Church’s Doctrine – Fr. Z’s Blog
Hundreds of Priests State ‘Unwavering Fidelity’ to Church’s Doctrine – Edward Pentin
Why I Signed the Letter Urging the Synod to Stand Firm on Marriage – Fr. A. Lucie-Smith
Crd. Nichols Attempts to Silence Faithful Priests, This will Backfire – Damian Thompson
Ideals and Norms – Russell Shaw, The Catholic World Report


How Business Ownership Converts Your Flaws into VirtuesHow Business Ownership Converts Your Flaws into Virtues

by Christina Weber

of Catholic Stand


Sheep Among Wolves  Sheep Among Wolves

  Erin Cain

  of Ignitum Today


Richard III’s Last Act  Richard III’s Last Act

  by Joanna Bogle

  of The National Catholic Register




How Did Paul Get His Name? – Jimmy Akin, The National Catholic Register
My God, My God! Why Have You Forsaken Me? Readings, Palm/Passion Sun. – J Bergsma
Six Ways to Fit Prayer into a Busy Life – Chelsea Houghton, Restless Press
Death Explained By A Little Girl With Terminal Cancer – Dr. Rogério Brandâo, Aleteia∝
They Have a Dream: L. A.’s F. S. S. P. Parish in Search of a Church – Beverly De Soto
Pope Francis’s Unconvincing Arguments Against the Death Penalty – Phil Lawler, Cth Clt
We ‘Go Forward’ in the Liturgy When the Sacred Is Restored – Brian Williams, 1P5
How Men Are Attracted To Women Who Do Not Exist – Philip Kosloski, Armor of God
Scientific-Sounding Excuses for Promiscuity – David Mills, Aleteia∝
The U. S. Supreme Court and Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – (3-23-15)
The Crisis of Civilization – (3-24-15)


ConfessionTroubling News a Parish Priest Learned from Kids in the Confessional

by Father Anthony Gerber

of Aleteia∝


Archbishop Charles J Chaput OFM Cap Square Pic  No Freedom Without Faith, Says Archbishop Chaput

  by Mark Stricherz

  of Aleteia∝



George Cardinal Pell Wide Pic  The Indomitable and Effective Cardinal Pell

  by George Weigel

  of First Things



The Annunciation of the Lord – Anthropology of Accord (link fixed)
Is It Better to Love or Be Loved? – Stacy Trasancos PhD, Integrated Catholic Life™
Dissent Trumps Faith in New ‘Catholic’ L. G. B. T. Film – Rachel Lu, Crisis Magazine
Some Homosexually Active Cardinals May Fear Blackmail – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Haters Their Own Worst Enemy – Patti Maguire Armstrong, Catholic Stand
Will Bp. Bootkoski Side with Hollywood Values or a Theology Teacher? – Mark Stricherz
The Dangers of Living in a Catholic Bubble – David Mills, Aleteia∝
Eight Major Studies of Identical Twins Prove Homosexuality Is Not Genetic – Fr. Z’s Blog
Joel Osteen’s ‘Gospel of Me’ – Matthew Becklo, Aleteia∝
Synod on the Family 2015: The Latest Updates – (3-20-15)
The U. S. Supreme Court and Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – (3-23-15)
The Crisis of Civilization – (3-24-15)
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The New Evangelization and the Domestic Church – Pope Benedict XVI on the connection between the twoThe New Evangelization and the Domestic Church, Pope Benedict XVI on the Connection between the Two

by David Clayton

of The Way of Beauty


Death Medieval Prayer Elder  The Prayer of the Elderly

  by Denise J. Hunnell, MD,

  of Catholic Stand



High-Stakes Irish Politics  High-Stakes Irish Politics

  by Elizabeth Adams

  of The National Catholic Register



How Should We Face Our Last Years? – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald Magazine
The P.R. Guru Who Wants to Take Down San Francisco’s Abp. Cordileone – Mk. Stricherz
Early Christian Controversies that Protestants & Evangelicals Can’t Explain – Joe H.
‘Jesus of Nazareth’ Concluded B16’s Theological Work, Secretary Says – Edward Pentin
On the Eternity of Hell – Daniel Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Collaboration with Secularists Undermines Catholic Social Goals – James Kalb, Crisis
Dark Ages & Secularist Rages: A Response to Professor A. C. Grayling – Carl E. Olson, SN
Challenging Children to Chastity – Judie Brown, Catholic Lane
Crd. Nichols: Requiem Mass Is What Richard III Would Have Wanted – Catholic Herald
Synod on the Family 2015: The Latest Updates – (3-20-15)
The U. S. Supreme Court and Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – (3-23-15)
The Crisis of Civilization – (3-24-15)
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Cardinal Cordes: Catholic Church in Germany Is 'Unfit to Work Against Growing Secularism'  Read more: Cordes: Catholic Church in Germany Is ‘Unfit to Work Against Growing Secularism’

via The National Catholic Register


Sonagram of a Baby Square Pic  You Have a Voice Regarding Three-Parent Embryos

  by N. M. Barry

  of Catholic Stand



US American Flag  Purity: The Key to a Healthy Nation?

  by Vicki Burbach

  of Catholic Spiritual Direction



Endometriosis: It’s Not in Your Head – Jessica Claire, Restless Press
Hospital Gives Mother of 7, 4 Days Before Yanking Her Life Support – Steven Ertelt
I Don’t Really Feel Bad for My Sins, Can I Still be Forgiven? – Father Mike Schmitz, Alt∝
The Mysterious Virtue of Detachment – Kevin O’Brien, Waiting for Godot to Leave
Inspiring Episcopal Leadership on the Eucharist – Father B. Jerabek JCL
Priests Need Defense Against False Accusations – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
A Catholic School Removes Teacher for Defending Faith – Anne Hendershott, Crisis
Works of Mercy Part IV: Clothe the Naked & Bear Wrongs Willingly, Part V & Part VI – IT
Crd Marx’s Comments Belong in the Village Pub: Crd Cordes’ Publicly Rebukes Marx – RC
Synod on the Family 2015: The Latest Updates – (3-20-15)
The U. S. Supreme Court and Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – (3-23-15)
The Crisis of Civilization – (3-24-15)
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The Crisis of Civilization

Michaelangelo Sistine Chapel God and Adam Wide PicGod, Reason, and Our Civilizational Crisis

by Samuel Gregg

of Public Discourse


The Crumbling of Western Civilization: Gender Identity & Natural Law  – Whiskey Cthlc
Saudi Arabia’s Mufti Wants Churches Destroyed; West Needs to Rethink Relations – CH
What Russia’s Military Options Are in Ukraine – Stratfor
Assad Is a Murderous Dictator, but He’s the Lesser of Two Evils in Syria – Ed West, CH
Christian Area in Northeast Syria Said to Be Under Heavy ISIS Assault – John Burger, A∝
11 Ways to Help Middle-Eastern Christians – Susan Klemond, The Ntnl Cthlc Register
Islam, Media Self-censorship, The New York Times & Beyond – George Conger, Get Rel
Video: 60 Minutes on I. S. I. S. vs. Christians – Tom Hoopes, Catholic Vote
ISIS, the Coptic Martyrs, and the Brutal Reality of the Cross – ChurchPOP
Vatican Archives Shows Holy See’s Activity During Armenian Genocide – A. Gagliarducci
Reaching Out to Muslims – Shane Schaetzel, Forward in Christ Magazine
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