The rise and fall of the Catholic blogosphere

The Rise and Fall of the Catholic Blogosphere

by Damian Thompson

of Catholic Herald Magazine


The Trail of Fetal Body Parts in Scientific Papers

by Stacy Trasancos, PhD

of Catholic Stand


Pope Francis Is Humble, But Jesus Never Meant the Pope To Be Just a Servant

by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

of Aleteia∝


The Feminist Case Against Womenpriests

by Bethanie Ryan

of Ignitum Today


What Has Happened to Sacred Catholic Music?

by H. L. Duncan

of Catholic Stand


A New Stripping of the Altars?

by Nicholas Senz

of Catholic Stand


Crabs, Crosses, and Clovers-A Saintly Symbols Matching Quiz

by Tatiana Federoff

of Epic Pew


Pope Emeritus Benedict Has Quietly Spoken on the Synod & Communion for Divorcees – William Oddie PhD, CHXXXX
Planned Parenthood, Cecil the Lion, and the Wisdom of Serpents – Mary Jo Anderson, The CWR BlogXXXX
Is Sexual Preference Immutable? – Kevin Clark, Crisis MagazineXXXX
Same-Sex ‘Marriage': The Winnowing of Catholic Men  – Matthew James Christoph, Catholic StandXXXX
The Glory of Our Humble Offerings (The Sunday Readings) – Katie Sciba, The Catholic WifeXXXX
Did Soon-To-Be Canonized Junipero Serra Play a Role in the Decimation of California’s Indians? – Valerie SchmalzXXXX
National ‘Catholic’ Reporter Attacks Church’s Moral Teachings, Once Again – Fr. Z’s BlogXXXX
Courage Director Gives Advice to Help Catholic Colleges Address Same-Sex Attraction – Kimberly ScharfenbergerXXXX


Pope Francis and Fr. Federico LombardiVatican Spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi, Has the Inside Information on Pope Francis

by Sandro Magister

of Chiesa


Homosexual FlagSCOTUS and Rainbows: How Do We Respond?

by Judith Costello

of Catholic Stand


Catholic Homeschool Classical ProgramCaptain of the Gate; Poetry for Your Homeschooled Children

by Donald R. McClarey, JD

of The American Catholic



Home-Schooling Movement Surges 62% in a Single Decade – Peter Jesserer Smith
Civilizations Death Wish – Fr. George W. Rutler, Crisis Magazine
Shadow Council Pushes Contraception, Homosexual Unions – Andrea Gagliarducci
What the Sting Videos Will and Won’t Achieve – Zachary Gappa, Catholic Lane
Same-Sex Attracted Catholics Push for Church Weddings – John Burger, Aleteia∝
Crypto-Catholics At Jamestown? – Thomas L. McDonald, God and the Machine
Ross Douthat Blasts Planned Parenthood – Joan Frawley Desmond, The Register
The New York Times on Mideast Christians – Mark Movsesian, First Things
Witnessing for the Pope’s Visit and a Giveaway – David Rummelhoff, Epic Pew


Barack ObamaAfrican Bishop Points Out Hypocrisy of President Obama’s Pro-Homosexual Agenda

by Diane Montagna

of Aleteia∝


Children Reading a Book Square PicSame-Sex ‘Marriage': The Victims, The Children

by Jamey Brown

of Catholic Stand

Church Pew One Person Square PicWhat to Do When You Struggle with the Church

by Lauren Meyers

of Ignitum Today


Holy EucharistFive Real Effects of Receiving the Eucharist

by Robert Barbry II

of Epic Pew

Purgatory by CaracciPurgatory: Is It a Dead Issue?

by Ray Sullivan

of Catholic Stand



Is It Okay to Lie to Do Good? – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head
Truth and Tolerance: Why the Church Can’t Change Her Teaching – Fulton J. Sheen
The Forgotten Vice in Seminary Formation – Fr. James Mason, Homiletic & Pas Rev
Essential Excerpts f/Obergefell v Hodges: Dissenting Opinion by Justice Alito – CWR
The Relevance of Worship – Sean Connolly, Ignitum Today
If There Is No God, Then Human Beings Are Dispensable – Bishop-Elect Robert Barron
Sexualization of Youth Is a Problem, Will the Church Do Anything – Wm. Oddie PhD
Witnessing for the Pope’s Visit and a Giveaway – David Rummelhoff, Epic Pew


Pope Francis Pointing Strong Face Wide PicTen Things You Might Be Doing Wrong at Mass

by David Rummelhoff

of Epic Pew



Moira Greyland or Marian Zimmer BradleySex Devoid of Love

by Donald R. McClarey, JD

of The American Catholic


Catholic WeddingDiscernment Games

by Emma King

of Ignitum Today

Crucified Jesus Christ StatueContemporary Culture Wars: Is History Repeating?

by Kevin Symonds

of Catholic Stand


Vandalism With Intent: Fr. Robert Robbins Wreckovation in N. Y. – Maureen Mullarkey
Coming Home to God: On Losing My Unbelief – Sean Haylock, Crisis Magazine
The Medical & Moral Magnificence of Humanae Vitae – Allison LeDoux, Trth & Chrty Frm
Radical Reform of the Church Coming from the Global South & East – Fr. D. Longenecker
A ‘Categorical Silence’ in the Preparatory Questionnaire for the 2015 Synod – Fr. Mk. Pilon
Witnessing for the Pope’s Visit and a Giveaway – David Rummelhoff, Epic Pew
N. Y. Times Sees Hair-Splitting, Little Sisters View as Violation of Their Faith – J. Burger
Greed Has Always Driven the Abortion Industry  – Anne Hendershott, Crisis Magazine
Can Something Actually Cause Itself to Exist? – Dr. Edward Feser, Strange Notions
For the WEDNESDAY EDITION (July 29, 2015) click here.


Pope Francis’ First Comments On Laudato Si’

by Rocco Palmo

of Whispers in the Loggia


​The Pieta of Joan of Arc – Eva Marie Haine, First Things
From Mystical Premonitions to Contemplation – David Torkington, Spiritual Direction
Heavenly Bodies: On the Resurrection of the Flesh – Nicene Guy, Ignitum Today
How Do You Meditate Correctly? – Daniel Burke, The National Catholic Register
Friends Don’t Let Friends Promote Pornography – Patrick Coffin, Catholic Answer
Venezuela’s Bishops Caution Against No-Fault Divorce – The National Catholic Register
Analysis of Planned Parenthood Baby Body Parts Scandal – Sam Entile, The Cthlc Voyager
One Nation Under SCOTUS: Some Hildebrandian Parallels – Robert Struble Jr., Cthlc Lane
Analyzing the Instrumentum Laboris Released for the Synod on the Family – Mt. Bunson
The Collapse of the FamilyMatthew James Christoff, The New Emangelization
Same Sex ‘Marriage’, Truth, and a Cousin’s Legacy – Carlos Espinosa, LtFoaHW
For the TUESDAY EDITION (July 28, 2015) click here.



If the Feds Demand Same-Sex ‘Marriage’, What Will the American Bishops Do? – Jn. Zmirak
‘Spirit of Vatican II’ Catholic Authoritarianism: An Enduring Problem – George Weigel
Here’s the Company That Buys Aborted Body Parts f/ Planned Parenthood – Austin Ruse
Ein Kerem: Birthplace of John the Baptist – Diana Von Glahn, Cthlc Spiritual Direction
If #LoveWins, What Has Lost? – Father Anthony Gerber, Pursued by Truth
Conjugal Rights and Gay ‘Marriage': A Response to Objections – Joseph Arias, Crisis Mgzn
Did the Abortion Clinic Sell Parts of My Son? I Will Never Know – Reclaiming Our Children
The Incoherent, Dangerous Formulations of Justice Kennedy – Russell Shaw, The CWR
Jewish Man Who Survived Nazi Germany Is Now Rescuing Christians From ISIS – The Reg
Will St. John Paul II Influence Papal Pronouncement on Medjugorje? – Gian F. Svidercoschi
St. Camillus de Lellis, Rash Vows, and Sanctity’s Daily Grind – Richard Becker, The Reg
A Crisis Among Catholic Families – Dr. Gregory K. Popcak, OSV Daily Take


Baby Pouting Cry Baby Little Girl Pony Tails Cute Black and White Wide PicThe Rise of the Post Christian Crybaby Bully

by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

of Standing on my Head


An Insider’s Look at the Papacy of Pope Francis – Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace
Laudato Si’: Papal Economics and the Social Mortgage – Dawn Carpenter, Catholic Stand
Where To Go From Here: Reflections of a Millennial – Steven Arms, The CWR Blog
High Time for the Church’s Teaching Moment on Marriage – Joan Frawley Desmond
Untethering Sacramental Marriage from Civil Marriage – Luma Simms, Crisis Magazine
Laudato Si’: 17 Practical Ways to Embrace Stewardship – Constance T. Hall, Epic Pew

Partial Birth Abortion Is About Killing People for Money – Rebecca Hamilton, The Register
How the ‘Our Father’ Prayer Can Change Your Life – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, SomH
Do Not Be Afraid, For Evil Cannot Withstand the Power of Jesus – Msgr. Charles Pope
How Planned Parenthood’s Greed Helps Explain Climate Change – Elizabeth Scalia
We Must Defend the Babies With Greater Strength and Strategy – Rebecca Hamilton
Twelve Things to Remember if the SCOTUS Decision Upsets You – Fr. Dw. Longenecker

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